Izba Gospodarcza Regionu Płockiego
The Plock Area Chamber of Commerce


ul. Stary Rynek 9/1-2, 09-400 Płock


Description: The Plock Area Chamber of Commerce is an organisation of economic self-government. On the basis of voluntary approach, it associates entrepreneurs conducting business activities on the territory of Plock subregion – in the following districts: Gostynin, Plock, Sierpc and in the city of Plock.

The Chamber functions pursuant to the Act of 30 May 1989 about chambers of commerce (Journal of Laws No. 35, item 195 as amended) and charter's stipulations which has been passed during the statutory meeting.

The Chamber's statutory tasks are as follows:

  • Spreading and supporting entrepreneurship and economic efficiency on the territory of its functioning 
  • Representing, evaluating and protection of economic interests of the members of the Chamber 
  • Giving informational, organisational, consulting, legal and financial aid to the member of the Chamber 
  • Acquiring domestic and foreign partners for production and technological cooperation as well as for trade and financial cooperation 
  • Cooperation with state administration institutes and local authorities 
  • Cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Commerce and with the societies and clubs with similar scope of activity in the country and abroad 
  • Conducting informational, publishing, advertising, training, recreation, cultural and charitable activities
  • Diligence towards respecting the rules of professional ethics and good commercial practice by the members of the Chamber in a business activity.
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