Steering Committee

Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Cluster - Zbigniew Bednarski (PPP-T S.A.)
Secretary of the Steering Committee of the Cluster - Piotr Popik (Mazovian Development Agency)

Members of the Steering Committee of the Cluster:
1.    mgr inż. Maciej Żuber – Fabryka Substancji Zapachowych „Pollena-Aroma” Sp. z o.o
2.    prof. dr hab. Andrzej Chmielewski – Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology; Mazovian Green Chemistry Valley
3.    Artur Około-Zubkowski – Radom Area Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa Ziemi Radomskiej)
4.    prof. dr hab. Ewa Bulska – The University of Warsaw (Biological and Chemical Research Centre)
5.    dr inż. Andrzej Zagórski – Warsaw University of Technology

The Steering Committee, hereinafter referred to as the Committee, is a body consisting of the Chairman, the Secretary and no more than five representatives of the other members. The Chairman is a represenative of the coordinating entity. The Secretary is appointed and dismissed by the Chairman. Secretary shall not vote. The other members of the Comitee shall be elected from the persons designated by the Board of the Cluster Members. Members of the Committee have the right to one vote at the meetings. The Chairman has, in the case of an equality of votes, a casting vote. The Steering Committe takes decisions by a simple majority of votes in the presence of at least half of the members. The Secretary is obligated to prepare a draft of the decisions, keep records of the decisions, notify the members of the scheduled date of the meeting and inform the Chairman of the Board of the Cluster Members about the decisions taken.

The duties of the Committee include in particular:

- to express an opinion on the accession of a new member to the Cluster and to inform the Chairman of the Board of the need to adopt a resolution on admitting a new member,
- to develop the detailed Regulations of the Cluster and its amendments/revision and to submit it for approval Cluster to the Board,
- to analyze tenders and to support in negotiating the terms of contracts with external partners,
- to select experts and leaders of working groups,
- to accept the participation of individual members in the cluster projects,
- to appoint the projects leaders,
- to keep records about the Cluster Members.

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