Phoenix Technologies

Phoenix Technologies Sp. z o.o.


ul. Trębacka 3 lok 336, 00-074 Warszawa

Description: Phoenix Technologies is a company whose main objective is the creation and implementation of advanced and innovative technological solutions in the area of ​​thermal processes, chemical, mechanical microwave and plasma, allowing recovery of raw materials, energy, and development of new innovative technoloiges.

Broad company experience are specialist machines construction and technologies development. 

The areas of  the company's competence are: waste treatment and recovery of raw materials and energy, as well as others in the field of processing of raw materials and substances for specific products. They include: gasification and thermolysis of organic matter, vitrification of mineral substances, mechanical recovery of raw materials from waste eg. Waste electrical and electronic equipment, recovery of metals in various technologies including plasma, and hydro metallurgical processes developed for raw materials, waste, hazardous waste and other treatment. The offered solutions tailored to individual needs and abilities.

Phoenix Technologies Sp. o.o. has experience in designing processes, optimize and convert existing already managing projects from concept to mplementation.

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