OPEUS Sp. z o.o. S.K.A.


ul. Kobiałka 9, 09-411 Płock


Description: Opeus is one of leaders among polish producers and complex steel and aluminium carpentry system solutions suppliers.History of the Company dates back to 1984 when as a family company was concentrating it’s business activity in the area of building products and services.

Currently Company business activity is concentrated on cooperation with general contractors including internationally renowned brands.

OPEUS business philosophy is based on proper management and efficient activity in business procecessing. Innovation and using most advanced technical and technology solutions as well as cooperation with scientific society allows us to realize the most complex project solutions. Such an attitude guarantee monitoring of all actions regarding their efficiency as well as constantly improved and adjusted to fluctuating market realities and our partners requirements and expectations.

We supply to our clients products of a superior quality which is a result of experience, high abilities and competency of our staff as well as of cooperation with leading scientific institutions internationally and in Poland.

Our potential, optimization of production process and logistics as well as wide range of customized services allow us to participate in completion of a most prestigious projects among which are such as Ambassador Office Building, Pomeranian Science & Technology Park Complex in Gdynia, Wola Center, New Unii Lubelskiej Square , Development Park, Atrium 1.

Currently realized process of product and production innovation combined with knowledge in our business segment allows to meet new market trends.

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