Ogarniamprad.pl Ltd is an operator of the first on-line auction platform for group and profiled purchase of electricity and gas fuel in Poland

A platform allows energy customers shop around for the best energy deals in real time and switch to the cheapest or most competitive retailers offering black or green electricity and gas fuel. Thanks to 5 minute registration.

The platform aggregates energy packages based on tariff, location and profile and uses real time reverse auctions to bid the lowest prices. AUTOMATICLY, EFFECTIVELY, SAVE. It combines the interests of the smaller energy customers, more and more looking for the energy costs’ optimization. It gives them the same, if not better, price negotiation opportunities with the energy retailers, which are the privilege of large consumers. It allows them to choose the retailer that offers the best price transparently and conveniently. All the formalities related to the switching procedure and during the contract are on our side. We are available 24/h.


  • Low price guarantee – You can have the same price that the bigger consumers have
  • Time saving – You know that someone cares professionally about your energy costs
  • Save switching – All formalities are on our side
  • Zero risk – You don’t have to worry about hidden costs and difficult contract terms
  • Free participation – Our commission is included in energy price and paid by retailers
  • A unique offer – GREEN ENERGY - electricity generated 100% from Renewable Energy Sources certificated by the Polish Society for Energy Certification 
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