Mission and goals

The mission of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster is to improve:

"the competitiveness of companies from chemical branch by developing of innovative technologies and environmental-friendly products, together with the science sector in the Mazovia region"

The vision of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster is as follows:

"In 2020 the Mazovian Chemical Cluster will be a Central European leader of highly processed chemical products with a high added value. The Cluster specializes in research and innovative activities, which enable the application of innovative chemical process and introduction on the market products that responds market expectations. Thanks to the finalised projects carried out in cooperation with R&D sector, the members of the cluster succeed in putting on the market innovative products, which sets the international trends. The Cluster become self-sufficient throughout the value chain by making use of environmentally friendly technologies."

The objective of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster is to improve the competitiveness and growth potential of innovative companies in the chemical industry through exchange of knowledge and experience with R&D sector, cooperation with linked branches (e.g. transport and logistics, wastes management and recycling, training providers engineering and design services, information technology and telecommunication) to achieve maximum business benefits for the members of the cluster.

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