Maroney Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

ul. Świętokrzyska 36 lok. 56, 00-116 Warszawa

Description: Maroney is a leading Consulting partner to enable your business expand in Africa and Central Eastern Europe which has become a prominent destination for investment opportunities, attracting foreign investment from all around the world. Maroney, thanks to our versatility, experience and education of our experts and through collaboration with other organizations, carry out comprehensive projects for our clients, designed to restore and maintain the stable growth of their companies. We offer professional services for institutions engaging in crucial areas and industries. In our work, we use the latest research results in the fields of management and economics.

Maroney Group offers a basket of services targeted at Companies which are growing or planning to grow. These are :
1. EU Funds
We are specialist in EU Funds acquisition. We provide assistance in the preparation of grant applications. This includes the entire application process, from consulting through planning the project and selecting the appropriate EU assistance programme, to careful preparation of the application.We have outstanding track records of the successful projects we prepared our clients.
2. Human Resource Consulting
Providing services like HR Consulting, Change Management,  Training and Development, Competency Development, Succession Planning , Executive Coaching, Mentoring on – the – job.
3. Leadership Development
A experienced team specially dedicated to work with the top management. Our goal is to develop and modify competencies crucial for leaders via different interactive techniques.

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