Key Areas

Each of the key area will be coordinated and appointed by various members of the cluster.

Examples of subject areas:

  • Development of cooperation between science and business – organization of science-business meetings, trainings, conferences, promoting commercialization of scientific research
  • Development B2B cooperation – organization of business-to-business meetings (networking), assistance in business partner searching, business matchmaking
  • Science, R&D – E-Lab database containing the available necessary equipment, database containing scientists profiles, providing R&D services for industry
  • Internationalization and promotion activity – building connections with other cluster organizations throughout the world, promotion of the Cluster, promotion of the Mazovian chemical sector as an economic promotion of the region
  • Obtaining external funding – supporting applications for EU funds, grants and national programmes
  • Education and strategic planning – issues connected with ensuring access to well-qualified human resources for Mazovian chemical branch


The proposal of actors coordinating specific areas:

Mazovian Green Chemistry Valley – The principal tasks will be: supporting a large research areas by facilitate access to laboratories, supporting interdisciplinary research in all fields of chemistry (from physical chemistry to biochemistry), supporting basic/fundamental scientific research in cooperation with industry, providing necessary help for spin-offs by facilitate access to laboratories and the results of research, education and improving exchange of information and broadening public awareness about chemistry.
Areas: Science, R&D

Mazovia Development Agency S.A. - The firm specializes among other things in advising on fundraising in Europe. In addition, it has rich experience in handling investors, exporters and economic promotion of the region, eg. Draft "Mazowsze - promotion of Polish economic heart" aimed at promoting Mazovia industries with the greatest growth potential for the region. Through participation in international trade fairs and business missions entrepreneurs have a chance to reach with its offer of products and services to a wide audience, both domestic and foreign.
Areas: Internationalization and economic promotion; Obtaining external funding (including EU funds)

Płock Industrial and Technological Park S.A. - Experience in comprehensive investor service. PPPT offers a comprehensive package of assistance in acquiring human resources, which includes the organization of recruitment and trainings of personnel in accordance with the needs of the investor. PPPT also has experience in obtaining EU funds as well as in marketing and business promotion.
Areas: Development of cooperation between science and business, promoting commercialization of scientific research; Development B2B cooperation

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