Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology

Instytut Chemii i Techniki Jądrowej
The Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology


ul. Dorodna 16 03-195 Warszawa

Description: The Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (INCT) has an interdisciplinary character. The activities of the INCT include basic research, R&D as well as services. The results of the INCT works have been implemented in various branches of national economy, particularly in industry, medicine, environmental protection and agriculture. Since the early sixties the Institute has played a leading role in development and implementation of nuclear technologies, methods and instruments in the country. Nowadays research activity is focused on: radiation chemistry and technology, application of nuclear methods in material engineering, process engineering, design and production of instruments based on nuclear techniques, and radioanalytical techniques. With its seven electron accelerators and three gamma sources, the Institute is one of the most advanced centers of science and technology in this domain. The Institute has pilot plants equipped in electron accelerators: for radiation sterilization of medical devices and tissue graft (ISO and GMP), for food hygenization, for radiation modification of polymers (heat shrinkable tubes and tapes) as well as the removal of SO2 and NOx from flue gas.

Basic research is focused on: radiochemistry, chemistry of isotopes, physical chemistry and engineering of separation processes, cellular radiobiology and radiation chemistry.

INCT has an A + category by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 
Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology has been involved in the promotion and development of the techniques of radiation. As the only unit in the country and one of the world's 18 Institute has been nominated by the International Atomic Energy Agency called: Collaborating Centre for Radiation Dosimetry and Industrial Processing.


Mazowiecka Dolina Zielonej Chemii
Mazovian Green Chemistry Valley


ul. Dorodna 16 03-195 Warszawa

Description: Mazovian Green Chemistry Valley (MGCV) is a strong research infrastructure aggregating the best chemistry-related institutions from Warsaw. The objectives of MGCV are:
•    Formation of strong scientific structure based on university departments, research institutes and PAN institutes which will cooperate with design offices and industry.
•    Supporting of development of different branches of chemistry by ensuring access to well-equipped laboratories as well as small scale production lines. 
•    Supporting of education programs and information services in chemistry.
Research infrastructure of Mazovian Green Chemistry Valley is based on research laboratories equipped with unique instrumentation for chemical synthesis and material modification, analytical equipment and small scale production lines as well.

The following institutions are the part of the MGCV: 
1.    Warsaw University of Technology:
•    Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering,
•    Faculty of Chemistry,
•    The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering,
2.    Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw, 
3.    Department of New Technologies and Chemistry, Military Academy of Technology,
4.    Institute of Physical Chemistry PAN,
5.    Institute of Organic Chemistry PAN, 
6.    Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, 
7.    Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, 
8.    Institute of Industrial Organic Chemistry, 
9.    Pharmaceutical Research Institute.

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