Firma Rodzinna Makarczykowie

Firma Rodzinna Makarczykowie Dariusz Makarczyk Sp. J.


ul. Płońska 19, 03-683 Warszawa

Description: Our company “Firma Rodzinna Makarczykowie” is a Polish family business, based in Warsaw. The company was founded by our grandfather in 1947. We produce cosmetics for basic care for babies and children, but some of them are also suitable for adults. A couple of years ago we launched a new line of ”Skarb Matki” (“Mother's Treasure) cosmetics named: “Skarb Matki Femina”. Our cosmetics are clinically and dermatologically tested. For years our extensive range of cosmetics has gained recognition and trust in the Polish market. We offer very high quality cosmetics for reasonable prices which are competitive in Poland. They are recommended to children with allergies and sensitive skin. We received “Best in Poland 2006” and “Super product 2007” awards.

We are also very experienced production for private label.
We were producing cosmetics for children and also for adults under private label for european companies such as Leader Price/Geant, Aflofarm, Harper Hygienics, Baby Delfi (TZMO Poland). Currently we are producing cosmetics for adults under brand Carrefour.

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