ENTELO Sp. z o.o.

ul. Kobiałka 9, 09-411 Płock


Description: ENTELO is a dynamically developing Polish company, which creates health-oriented workstations for kids. It manufactures the Good Chair™, which has been awarded positive recognition from numerous leading Polish medical institutes, as a product eliminating exposure to abnormal spinal curvatures.

The company is continuously contributing to health protection& prophylactics by shaping proper posture and habits of children and adults by involving itself in numerous initiatives promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Good Chair is a line of health-oriented products acting as a preventive measure, which due to it’s properties and highest ergonomic standards, stimulate the proper sitting position, and consequently contribute to correct spine growth . They are suitable both for healthy children and grew up as well as for those who suffer postural defects , eliminating the effects of lengthy periods of sitting without movement (at school, work and at home).

The product dimensions are to be adapted to the user’s height. This means that in case of the youngest children the chairs “grow in height” together with the child. The Good Chair is a Polish product, manufactured in accordance with the applicable standard PN-EN 1729-1:2007, while its design has been registered nearly in all countries of the world.

The Good Chair is a product created in a cooperation with scientists from various fields (including orthopaedics, ergonomics, physiotherapy, biomechanics), and is a solution creating the optimum work environment both at school and in at home.

The innovative nature of the products, is confirmed in approvals confirming its unique properties and hence the product is an optimum solution, well ahead of world trends, in prophylactic treatment of postural defects of children and young people. Good Chairs hold European certificates and positive opinions expressed by many renowned institutions, approving use in all educational institutions.

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