Development Strategy

The strategy was developed during the realization of the project named: “Realization of 5 meetings of cluster initiative/industrial groups and preparing 5 development strategies of each of the cluster initiative/industrial groups”. Project is a part of the systemic project under action of the Mazovian Network of Information-Advisory Centres for Innovation (MSODI), financed from the funds under Human Capital Operational Programme. Priority VIII - Regional human resources in the economy support, Measure 8.2 – The Transfer of Knowledge, Submeasure 8.2.2- Regional Innovation Strategies.

The main assumptions for development of the chemical industry group was prepared in accordance with previous workshops (6 workshops) with representatives of the actors interested in creation new cluster initiative within branch named the Mazovian Chemical Cluster.

The objective of the strategy presented below is to develop long-term action plan, set strategic lines of action and priorities including potential sources of financing, which are necessary for the implementation of the underlying assumptions. Furthermore the document suggests the potential of the internal and external factors, which can have a crucial role on the future functioning of the initiative.

We would like to thank the F5 Consulting – a consulting company contracted for support the process of creation of the development strategy – and all members of the "chemical industry group" for effective cooperation and their involvment during workshops.

Development Strategy of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster -> download

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