The output profile of the Płock Industrial and technological Park is defined by the basic operations of PKN ORLEN S.A., Basell Orlen Polyolefins Sp. z o.o. and PCC Rokita S.A., and also the existent local production and industrial potential together with research and development units active in the field of economy related to chemistry and linked branches, the environmental protection, wastes management and recycling, logistics, financial services, research and development works, information technology and telecommunication. The raw material and product base offered by the ORLEN Group and the companies from the nearest economic surroundings of PPPT allow for the location and conduct of wide-range industrial, production and service businesses.

Mission of PPPT is to create and keep developing an important European economic centre, based on modern industries and technologies, where the entrepreneurs can find convenient conditions to run their business.

The social base of the refurbished administration centre at PPPT provides all the necessary facilities to start and running business in Płock. Thanks to the investment carried out all new and present investors can enjoy efficient and modern business infrastructure.

In the PPPT investment zones, companies from the following industries: chemical, chemical processing, packing, general building, assembling, metalworking, heat-insulation and anticorrosion, production of special equipment for industries, as well as machine and industrial appliance engineering have placed their undertakings.

Cooperation with PPPT gives an opportunity to participate in innovative and R&D projects under the new EU financial perspective for 2014-2020, in competitions of the National Center for Research and Development and the International Horizon 2020 programme, based on cooperation with R&D centers, as well as science and academic units. PPPT has a team for innovation and R&D activities, which consists of representatives of scientific institutions, research and development centers and non-governmental organizations. It is the advisory body specialized in gaining, implementing and developing innovative and export solutions for/in industrial enterprises as well as various development activities according to the needs of PPPT partners and clients.

Network cooperation with research and scientific institutions allows PPPT to build a database of available technologies for commercialization in the field of materials engineering, chemical engineering, construction and operation of machinery, etc. The Płock Industrial and Technological Park provides advisory and training services in accordance with the standard of the National Services System.

PPPT offers a virtual office which responds to the needs of companies interested in comprehensive services in the field of lending the address to register business activity. Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator (AIP) operates within the Płock Industrial and Technological Park. PPPT is also taking actions in order to create a Technology Incubator/Innovation Incubator which aims to provide entrepreneurs from SME sector support in starting and running a company offering a product or service resulting from the implementation of a new technology.

The Płock Industrial and Technological Park is in the final stage of implementing the project named: „Construction and development of the technological and R&D components of PPPT for the over-regional innovative activity”, realized as the key project under the Regional Operational Programme of the Mazovian Province for 2007-2013 and co-funded with the European Regional Development Fund (Measure 1.4 Strengthening of Business Support Institutions). Project involves building the Corporate Services Centre and the Central Laboratory with technology rooms and administration area designed for R&D services. In the Corporate Services Centre investors form BPO/SSC branch will be offering service and products in the area of financial, accounting, consulting, human resource management, purchase and sale processes together with a wide-range of knowledge process outsourcing services.

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