Fundacja Fundusz Współpracy
Cooperation Fund Fundation


ul. Górnośląska 4a, 00-444 Warszawa

Description: Cooperation Fund Foundation is one of the first and biggest institutions established in Poland for coordination of foreign assistance programmes. It was founded in 1990 by the State Treasury, in response to the need for a non-political, specialised and efficient organisation that would transparently manage aid funds on behalf of the Government and assist the implementation of EU supported projects.

The principal goal of the Foundation was to stimulate and support democratic transition and development of the Polish economy, by assisting government institutions that co-ordinate foreign aid and in particular, by accepting and distributing funds and material aid offered by the European Union, other international bodies and foreign governmental and private institutions.
The most important area, which the Foundation has been strategically developing for over 5 years, is financial advisory and external audit. Through the time Foundation has built a 40-person team of high-qualified professionals, which performed the audit services for the Institutions like The National Centre of Research and Development, Ministry of Economy, Implementing Authority for European Programmes and other government operators of international programmes within different areas ie. R & D projects, infrastructure projects and investment, digitalisation, entrepreneurship and participation of Polish entrepreneurs in the promotion programs in foreign countries. 
Moreover, The Foundation implement projects in the areas of international cooperation, entrepreneurship and business environment, education and labour market, social economy,  public participation, partner founds etc.

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