COBRO - Instytut Badawczy Opakowań


ul. Konstancińska 11, 02-942 Warszawa

Description: COBRO - Packaging Research Institute is a state self-supporting science institute, subordinated to the Minister of Economy. The aim of the basic activity is conducting scientific researches and development in the field of the packaging. The further activities include putting the results of the researches into practice and introducing them into manufacturing subjects and others.

COBRO is equipped with high-tech research laboratories and devices used for the production of the experimental series of the packaging materials and the packages themselves. Our workers are long time experts, guaranteeing the highest standards of researches and other services.

The aim of COBRO's activities is to fulfil the research and development, innovative, educational and informative demands of those working on designing, producing, distributing and using the packaging materials and packages, and also institutions, business organizations, state administration and local authorities interested in this very range of the issue.

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