Board of Cluster Members

Chairman of the Board of Cluster Members – (PPPT S.A.)

The Board of Cluster Members, also known as the Board, is the main body of the Mazovian Chemical Cluster. Each member of the Cluster is entitled to appoint one representative to the Board. Its work is led by the Chairman of the Board of Cluster Members. The term of office for the Chairman is one year, however he may be re-elected. There are no obstructions for making change of the representatives to the Board but no more than three times per calendar year. The Board of Cluster Members is a supervisory and opinion-giving body.

The tasks of the Board are in particular:

-    to supervise the execution of the terms of the Partnership Agreement,
-    to define strategic lines of action of the Cluster,
-    to initiate cooperation with other actors that have objectives and activities which are consistent with objectives of the Cluster ,
-    to approve the Regulations of the Cluster,
-    to pass resolutions on the admission of a new member or to exclude member of the Cluster,
-    to appoint and dismiss of the members of the Steering Committee of the Cluster,
-    to deliver opinion upon the request of the Steering Committee of the Cluster.

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